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Doctor Consultation online/offline:


India’s Best Doctors for Consultations Chat / Phone / Video call

• Access top rated doctors with outstanding qualifications and experience from all Specialities
• Easily accessible via smart phones, Tablets, Laptops through Jeevan healthcare App / Web
• Face to Face online consultation of patients with experience doctors
• Hassle free consultation
• Online prescription
• 100% privacy and data security

All super speciality doctors are available for Online Consultation
• To provide clarity with your treatment Jeevan HealthCare at Home brings best doctors who are happy to provide their best opinion to you.
• You will get the advice which is best suited to you based on your Family history, life style on current conditions and test reports.

We are here to help by providing the second opinion from India’s Top doctors

Jeevan HealthCare at Home brings you with all speciality doctors consultations easy, can be accessed from anywhere for seeking an online consultation with top doctors for your medical & surgical cases for second opinion.

• Our team of highly qualified & experienced doctors study thoroughly each case before giving an opinion. Lakhs of patients have been benefited with our online consultation across India.
• Where super speciality doctors are available online for second opinion
• Get quick doctor consultation or second opinion at your convenience from the comfort of your home without travel and without waiting in queues.
• Your medical condition, information and reports will be 100% confidential
• Jeevan HealthCare at home has a patient centric approach, and Jeevan HealthCare doctors provide you the best opinion which will help you to come out from your confusions and will give you clarity about your treatment.
• We believe that second opinion must be from the best of the professionals and hence to justify your needs you will get expert opinion from India’s best doctors.

Process of taking Online Consultation:
• Jeevan HealthCare expert’s doctor are get touch with you at the best possible time and helps you and also guide you on different aspects of online consultation for second opinion from India’s best doctors.
• The consultation will be scheduled based on your and doctors availability
• Understanding the busy schedule of the doctors, we may request your time if needed.
• On scheduled time, the video call will be organised between the patient and doctor.
• Family members can also join the call.

Doctor visit at Home

If you or your loved one is going through a medical treatment and require doctor’s intervention regularly or need a general health check because of illness or disease; we at Jeevan HealthCare at Home help you get a doctor who ill visit and treat them in comfort of home. By requesting a doctor visit at home, you can avoid the mobility and waiting issues for you and your loved ones.

When you need doctor at Home?

Medical emergency if you or your loved one just had a fall or is in a severe pain or running high fever. Elderly living alone regular health check-ups and tests can help you find problems before they start. It can also help in diagnosing the disease at nascent stage.

• Post-surgical check-up if you are just back from a hospital after a surgical procedure, regular review by a general physician.
• You are in orthopaedic condition like fractures, cervical, joint replacements, knee replacements, muscle strain.
• Chronic disease management whether you or your loved one is suffering or recovering from Parkinson, Alzheimer, Dementia, Diabetes.
• You are bedridden patient mobilizing a bedridden patient to a hospital especially when you are not putting up in ground floor of your apartment.
What you expect from our doctor at home?

Doctor at home complete body check-up Physical examination, vitals monitoring, general counselling based on the lab tests and investigation are a part of routine check up to monitor your health.

• Doctor at home medical procedures no need to rush to a hospital to get Ryle’s Tube, Urine Catheter, Tracheostomy, Colostomy Bag replacement, Drug Administration through infusion pump etc.
• Doctor at home Medical Emergency to deal with medical emergencies like back pain, burns, diabetic emergencies, fainting, fever food poisoning, heart related illness, neck and back injury etc.
• Doctor at home Pain Management important for pain control, especially if you suffer with long term or chronic pain. Doctor can prescribe medicine, treatment or psychotherapy for pain relief.
• Doctor at home for Diabetes Management includes preparing and monitoring your diet plan, coordinate your meals and medications, physical exercise, checking blood sugar level etc.