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It is said that Prevention is better than cure. Preventive health check-ups are the first steps toward a healthy life. Preventive Health Management Programmes refers to measures taken to prevent diseases, rather than curing them or treating their symptoms.

Modern lifestyle has become so inundated with unhealthy habits and sedentary routines that preventing diseases is now an absolute challenge. That’s why doctors are highly recommending Preventive Health check-ups to have the best chance at the early detection of diseases and avoiding complications.

Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well-being, which can be achieved through a balanced diet, physical exercise and adequate sleep and recreation. However, even after taking all the necessary steps, our health is still at risk of falling prey to diseases unexpectedly. A Preventive Health check-ups is, therefore, aimed to recognize and minimize such risk at an early stage.

Research shows you can reduce the chances of contracting lifestyle diseases by 70%. It's sure way to prevent health problems before they develop into serious health issues. Preventive Checks are an effective means of reducing the financial burden of healthcare by detecting potential health issues before they become critical and require expensive treatments. Therefore, Preventive Health Checks is undoubtedly the key to live a healthier life.

What are the Benefits and Important Factors of Preventive Health check-up?

There are numerous benefits of Preventive Health check-up. A comprehensive Preventive Health check-up you need to be aware of its important features, some of these features are listed below:

• Valuable and reliable health education.
• Assessment of your probability of getting sick.
• Early detection of a health condition that can be potentially life-threatening.
• Increase chances for receiving early treatment, and sometimes cure.
• Regular monitoring of pre-existing health conditions and, thereby preventing the risk of complications.
• Results of the check-up can help in increasing longevity if you improve the lifestyle.

Preventive health check-ups depends on your age, health and family history, lifestyle & personal preferences like what you eat, how active you are, smoking, etc. Ideally, a person at age 30 and beyond should opt for Preventive health check. It is used to screen and detect an umbrella of lifestyle diseases, Preventive health check-up are consist with Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, and also cancer screening for Male & Female. The most important ones are:

• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Thyroid
• Heart or Cardiac diseases
• Obesity
• cancer

Increased stress and lack of time for physical exercise and healthful cooking sedimentary life style are the major contributors to developing unhealthy habits. This leads to subsequent and gradual deterioration of our general health, and before we know it, lifestyle diseases come knocking at our door.

What’s worse is that some of these lifestyle diseases are ‘silent killers’- they harm our body without causing any symptoms. Therefore, Preventive Health Checks can help a person timely screen these diseases. For example, retinopathy and foot ulcers are common complications of diabetes. With annual eye and foot examinations, you can prevent vision loss and lower-limb amputations. Similarly, it is crucial to control blood pressure and blood cholesterol to alleviate the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Another important purpose of Preventive Health Checks is the surveillance of cancer. Many cancers are Asymptomatic and not diagnosing them at an early stage can cost lives. Therefore, people at risk of developing cancer can have a better chance of recovery if they invest in regular health checks.

List of Preventive Health check Packages:There are various age-specific, gender-specific and disease-specific Preventive Health check Packages some of these listed below.

Family Package:An entire family can enjoy the benefits of full-body check-ups, dietary, ophthalmic and dental consultations. Jeevan HealthCare offer customized packages for men and women.

Cardiac Package:This package has been designed to identify the risk of heart attacks or strokes and other cardiovascular accidents and provide corrective consultations.

Diabetes Package: Diabetic patients can avail Diabetes plans to keep their vital organs in the regular check-up and avoid complications.

Cancer Package: For early cancer screening and future risk assessment Jeevan HealthCare customised cancer packages are designed for male and Female.

Paediatric Package: Healthcare plans for children up to thirteen years are available and include a range of Paediatric, Ophthalmic, Dental, and general check-ups.

Fertility Checks: Couples who are struggling to conceive can go for fertility Checks and receive expert consultations.