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Corporate Annual Health Checks :


The very purpose of the Annual health checkup is to know if an employee is going through any medical condition that is not known to him personally or if the work environment is affecting his personal health.

In India, where lifestyle disease is common and awareness about Preventive Healthcare is low, Indian corporates are taking steps to make sure that their employees & healthy & productive.

Why Annual Health Check-up is required?

Employee’s health has a direct impact on motivation, Innovation & delivery Healthy employees are more successful & creative in accomplishing the job. Healthy employees have higher productivity levels. Unhealthy employees are bound to make tactical errors that may impact organizational growth. Healthy employees are best at managing work-life balance

Corporates are losing approximately 15 % of their annual working days due to sickness. In a highly competitive corporate environment, companies cannot afford the absence of their employees due to sickness, etc., or poor performance at the workplace due to poor health. Annual Health Check-up Pre and Post employees Health Check-up is the most cost-effective strategy not only for a country with scarce financial resources but also for resource-rich companies whose rising health spending is affecting their business results and competitiveness. Indian firms agree that employee annual health check-up increases a firm's productivity and profitability. All employees want employers to offer annual health checks & wellness benefits to them.

What test are includes Annual Health check-up Package?

There are different packages for annual health check-up, depending on the organization and its health goals, packages can be customized.

A typical package will have the following tests in it. • Heammogram
• Glucose
• Lipid Profile
• Kidney Profile
• Liver Profile
• Iron Profile
• Thyroid Function Test
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin D
• Chest –X-ray
• ECG.
• Stress Test
• Sonographer of abdomen
• Mammography
• Audiometry
• Pulmonary Function Test
• Eye Check-up
• General Physical Check-up
• Doctors’ Advice
• Diet Recommendations.

We offer customized Annual Health Check-up with Lipids, Minerals, Metals and Vitamins based Industry on company’s requirements we recommended.

Like in the IT sector, employees are concerned about sedimentary lifestyle diseases hence may ask for a complete lipid profile, Stress test, etc.

For manufacturing companies Chest X-ray or Pulmonary function test is essential.

For employees, it makes sense to take benefit of companies' Annual Health Checkup that will help you to understand the fitness levels and if found to be contracted with lifestyle disease, you will be prepared to handle it proactively. Your employers also need to know if you have any lifestyle disease so that is prepared to handle any emergency if arises.

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