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Diagnostic Services

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As The Life Style Of People Changing Drastically, Everyone Are Rushing In Their Busy Schedule, We Provide MEDICAL SERVICES At Your Home With High Quality. And Customized Treatment At Your Home. Every Time It Is Not Easy For Patients To Go Hospital And Get Treatment, Most Of The Patients Who Are Too Ill To Leave House With SENSORY IMPAIRMENT, IMMOBILITY , TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS, LONG WAITING IN QUEUE Will Benefit With Our Services,

Our Services Includes:
  • Physical Examinations
  • Disease Management
  • Medication Management
  • Follow Up Visits After Hospitalization
  • Visits For Dying Patients
  • Health Care Advises

We provide quality and speedy health screening facilities to the general public which are very cost effective. The concept will have a mobile medical van fitted with latest equipment visiting a prior notified site with prior appointment. This Lab on Wheels will be fully equipped to perform the panels (a bouquet of investigations) which will screen the health status of the individuals undergoing the investigations and diagnose ailments (if any) very accurately at the door steps of the clients.

The equipment on board of Lab on Wheels will be handled by most experienced and qualified Technicians, Nurses and other paramedical staff. The Lab on Wheels will be connected to the main Hospital through high speed wireless internet and the Laboratory Information System which is positioned in the Lab on Wheels will push all the investigation reports that are available from the analyzers into the database. This database is accessed by the Pathologists who are available at the Central Laboratory and the reports are interpreted.

Once the values are validated by the doctors, the software will profile the health status of the individual taking into consideration the various parameters and will suggest a nutritional and lifestyle plan for that particular individual to maintain their health.

To create awareness about preventive health checkups especially amongst aged, women and persons doing in stressful jobs.
To provide mobile on site diagnostic services ranging from basic to more complex tests with speedy & accurate reports.
To guide clients, who require tertiary health care with tailored solutions.
To do onsite preventive health checkups / health audits for Organizations (both Government & Private) and profile the health status of their employees.
To provide clinical & laboratory services to the clients at most economical rates.
To include the Nutrition, Psychology, wellness / fitness / lifestyle counseling into the packages to be offered keeping in mind the intent WHO's definition of 'health'.

  • Routine tests in Clinical Pathology, Heamatology, Biochemistry, Coagulation Studies, Microbiology and Serology.
  • Special tests in Immunology, Endocrinology, Tumour Markers, Cytology and Histopathology.
  • Early Cancer detection tests such as Pap Smear and PSA.
  • Customized health check-up packages.
  • State-of-the-art, automated testing and reporting.
  • Routine results within one hour.
  • Online results.
  • Special privileges to senior citizens.
  • Health card to privileged customers.
  • Special home services for needy patients.
  • Rural: Focus on Rural population with emphasis on women and Child welfare.
  • Urban Slums: many are deprived of several basic amenities and therefore are vulnerable to health problems.
  • Organizations (both Government & Private):
  • Schools & Colleges:
  • Residential Complexes and localities:
  • Old age homes:
  • Societies & Associations:

Geriatric Home Care, Domiciliary Care Or Social Care Is Health Care Or Supportive Care Provided In The Patient's Home By Licensed Healthcare Professionals. Home Health Services Help Adults And Seniors Who Are Recovering After A Hospital Or Facility Stay, Or Need Additional Support To Remain Safely At Home And Avoid Unnecessary Hospitalization.

These Medicare-Certified Services May Include

Short-Term Nursing,
Therapeutic, And Assistive Home Health Care.

This Care Is Provided By
  • Registered Nurses
  • Physical Therapists problems.
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Home Health Aides
  • Licensed Personnel And Others Who Assist The Individual Including Caregivers.
We Help The Individual With Daily Tasks Such As Bathing, Eating, Cleaning The Home And Preparing Meals.

For Terminally Ill Patients,
Home Care May Include Hospice Care.
Patients Recovering From Surgery Or Illness,
Home Care May Include Rehabilitative Assistance.
Home Health Care Aims To Make It Possible For People To Remain At Home Rather Than Use Residential, Long-Term, Or Institutional-Based Nursing Care.
Home Care Providers Deliver Services In The Client's Own Home.
These Services May Include Some Combination Of Professional Health Care Services And Life Assistance Services.

  • Medical Or Psychological Assessment
  • Wound Care.
  • Medication Teaching
  • Pain Management
  • Disease Education And Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nutrition Management
Life Assistance Services Include Help With Daily Tasks

Home Care Is Often An Integral Component Of The Post-Hospitalization Recovery Process, Especially During The Initial Weeks After Discharge When The Patient Still Requires Some Level Of Regular Physical Assistance.

Activities Of Daily Living
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Transferring
  • Using The Toilet
  • Eating, And Walking
  • That Reflect The Patient's Capacity For Self-Care
Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living
  • Refers To Daily Tasks
  • Including Light Housework
  • Preparing Meals
  • Taking Medications
  • Shopping For Groceries Or Clothes
  • Using The Telephone
  • Managing Money
  • That Enables The Patient To Live Independently In The Community

A live video, audio and web based system that allows patients to receive medical care from a remotely located medical provider,i.e, called Telemedicine.Telemedicine system will cater to any kind of medical specialties viz.Cardiology, Radiology, Oncology, Primary Care etc to name a few. It is composed in a patient and doctor network.

The following are some of the features of (Telemedicine)
  • Connects to Medical Provider.
  • Patient medical history.
  • Patient adding physician to his network.
  • Patient Audit Trail(Transaction Log)
  • Request for Appointment or Cancelling the appointment by the patient or doctor.